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How will the food market develop?

Our loyal client – manufacturer of semi-finished food products – approached PMR Consulting & Research with a request to create a unique publication devoted to the latest trends noticeable in its industry. The basis for it was supposed to be the analysis of trends on the Polish food products market conducted by our team.

The aim of the publication was to indicate trends, determine their life cycle as well as development potential in the perspective of several upcoming years. Trendbook strived to be a tool for the marketing, quality and R&D department in the client’s company used for identifying directions of market development and creating innovative product concepts.

The task that the PMR research team was entrusted with posed a challenge, primarily, due to the need to adopt a non-standard research attitude, combine various research techniques and utilize food market -related knowledge at the disposal of PMR.


Multidimensional analysis of trends

The trend analysis conducted by PMR was hugely extensive and included numerous stages:

  • analysis of PMR internal data concerning food market,
  • in-depth desk research analysis,
  • analysis of aggregated data concerning the industry,
  • shopper interviews,
  • ethnographic interviews with consumers at a place of purchase of products from the analyzed category,
  • B2B qualitative interviews with the recipient of client’s semi-finished products.

Under the research project, on a regular basis, we confronted the perspectives of consumers with the perspective of representatives of companies that receive client’s semi-finished product who observe the actual purchasing choices of Poles and internal PMR data. Such an approach allowed us to obtain data from various sources and create a multi-dimensional picture of the market.


Increasing offer’s competitiveness through innovations

In the course of this project PMR Consulting & Research analysts created a comprehensive trendbook devoted to the selected segment of the food industry. This publication became a useful tool that responded to all key needs of its recipients from the client’s company – marketing department, quality as well as R&D departments.

Owing to an in-depth analysis of trends conducted by PMR, the client can take specific steps aimed at enhancing innovativeness in response to the needs of each unit of the enterprise, and thus stay ahead of competition.

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