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During the course of more than two decades, our company has been learning how various industries operate. We’ve come to understand many different business models. We’ve gotten to know lots of local markets – their characteristics, needs, business environment and consumers.

As a result, we are proud to say that today our company has wide expertise, unique skills and proven research and analytical instruments. We are able to choose tools that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. And, when needed, we can quickly create new solutions, approaches and methodologies.

We start every project by identifying the key success factors, opportunities and threats. On this basis, we develop a customised project approach. We want to ensure that each project will end successfully – with real, practical, effective support for our clients.

Our industry specialisation

  • FMCG and retail markets – including the HoReCa market, cosmetics, clothing, household chemicals and distribution (including e-commerce)
  • Construction market – building materials, civil engineering, construction (including residential, industrial, commercial, hotel, office building, etc.)
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare markets – the health sector, medical insurance, medical equipment, nutritional supplements, non-prescription drugs and prescription drugs
  • ICT market (IT and telecommunications) – software, hardware and IT services, as well as mobile and landline telecommunications, internet access and data transmission
  • Agriculture and food markets – food products, animal feed, industry software, agricultural machinery and many other segments
  • Industrial production – machinery, energy, mining, fuels, chemicals, metals, and other branches of the industrial market
  • Transportation and logistics – including food transportation, postal and courier services

Other markets in which we operate

  • Investment funds
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Media and entertainment
  • Culture and art
  • Public sector
  • Automotive
  • Tourism


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