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The food and agriculture market raises a lot of emotions. This is because of its dynamically changing business environment, complex structure and considerable interest from investors. We know how to find our way in this maze of information. We can analyse it with impartiality, and create practical and effective recommendations. The results give clients long-term benefits and an improved market position.

We know the agriculture and food market inside out

We’ve worked for global, European and local players in agriculture and food market: in the food industry (sugar, grain, milk, meat, vegetables or fruit production). We also carried out projects for manufacturers of agricultural machinery, software for herd management, fertilizers, and plant protection products. Furthermore, PMR continuously operates in the consumer goods and retail industry, and works closely with companies from the transportation and logistics sector. We track the journey of each food product – from field to consumer!

We study the market, analyse data and build strategies

Our consulting and research projects for agriculture and food market include:

  • Conducting industry analyses – we conduct 360 degrees audits for markets, products and services.
  • Measuring market potential -we examine the impact of various factors on the dynamics of development of individual sectors, both in the short and in the long run.
  • Entering new markets – we support manufacturers and distributors. We help not only to enter a new market, but also to launch new products or services.
  • Examining the competitive position of companies – we build strategies and action plans to improve economic performance and increase market share.
  • Testing concepts, products and marketing communications – prices , packaging, advertising, etc.
  • Studying the behaviour and attitudes of consumers – we carry out research among consumers as well as businesses – including farmers.
  • Conducting market segmentation – we help define the target group and effective ways to reach consumers.
  • Analysing the route to market – on the basis of reliable data, we propose sales and marketing strategies.
  • Analysing distribution channels – indicate the optimal solution, taking into account the sales potential of each channel – we help find a distributor and negotiate favourable conditions of cooperation.
  • Conducting due diligence investigations – we examine business and markets and advise on the best way to carry out strategic projects.
  • Participating in market consolidation projects – we advise both the buyer and seller during mergers, acquisitions and purchase.
  • Helping companies find an investor – not only do we search for an investor, but also support clients in the process of negotiating the terms of investment, and provide assistance with starting the cooperation.


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