Research of building materials market (framed structures)

Building materials market


How to increase sales of building materials?

Our client was a company from the building materials industry with international market presence. The client has already won the leading position in the market of materials used in light-frame construction. In connection with plans for further development, they wanted to strengthen their position in the Polish market by improving the efficiency of their sales process. The task of PMR Consulting & Research was therefore the research of building materials market and identification of business activities of the client which require improvement.


Research of building materials market, including framing structures

Our team conducted a study of the construction materials market. The project included an overview of the whole market, but was focused on the analysis of buildings constructed using light framing.

An important obstacle during our work on this study was the lack of information about the technology in Polish public statistics. The project had to be therefore expanded to include a quantitative survey among construction companies, architects and building managers. This made it possible to estimate the share of the light framing technology in various sectors of construction. Based on that, we were able to prepare forecasts showing the expected development of this technology in Poland.


Stronger market position

The result of the project was a comprehensive report containing a detailed analysis of the building materials market, with particular focus on the segment of light framing construction. The key parts of the document were:

  • evaluation of the development potential of each of the segments studied,
  • estimates of demand for products offered by our client,
  • factors that may contribute to the development of the market,
  • threats to the development of the market,
  • practical advice on marketing and sales activities.

On the basis of recommendations prepared by PMR Consulting & Research, our client could start working on the creation of a development and sales strategy for the coming years, with the intention of strengthening the company’s market position.

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