Brand awareness study of clothing stores

Clothing market


How does brand awareness change?

One of the leading chains of clothing stores for women was planning to carry out a series of marketing activities. The aim of the new campaign was to build a strong brand among female Polish consumers. The company sought experienced market researchers who could carry out a comprehensive brand awareness study of clothing stores. The project was meant not only to identify the current image in the competitive context, but also to find out how changes in awareness happen over time.


Periodic brand awareness study of clothing stores

To investigate the changes in the image of the brand in the long term, the PMR Consulting & Research team conducted a brand awareness study of clothing stores in 5 stages. After each stage, the client received a comprehensive report detailing the level of brand awareness against the competitive backdrop. Each subsequent document also included the comparison with data collected during previous stages.


Increasing the efficiency of marketing communication

The study of clothing stores took 5 research periods and yielded many benefits.

The client not only found out about the effects of their marketing efforts, but was also able to react quickly to changes in brand image. As a result, they had the opportunity to modify their campaigns, and thus achieve even better brand awareness.

Along with the results of this study, the client received complete information regarding the level of awareness of brands of clothing stores. He learned how the brand is perceived by female consumers in general, as well as by a well-defined target group.

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